If you are looking for an experienced roofing crew in Orange County California, our staff is amongst some of the most skilled in the business. We have proudly served this area over several decades and our founder has decades of experience in the industry as a third-generation roofer. With our superior skills as well as the superior tools that we use in our roofing services, we are able to deliver a greater cost savings to our customers as well as a high quality roofing job every time. We stand behind all of the work that we do and we offer full license and insurance up to $2 million in liability on any job site that we are working. As well as remaining committed to delivering the longest possible lifespan on any type of roofing installation/repair job, we are extremely committed to putting the customer first every time. We believe in delivering the utmost when it comes to customer service experiences. As a result, our skilled staff members are always trained in customer service and knowledgeable through the entire quoting process. We provide detailed quotes to each one of our customers with cost of materials, a breakdown of all of the labor required and more. Through our detailed quotes in our no-nonsense answers, we can keep you well informed about any type of repair job.


Our staff have acquired a number of awards and certifications for our roof services in Orange County. With certifications of Edge flex certified installer, awards for our dedication in a roof service provider and for providing EPA approved building materials we are extremely proud of our staff and the recognition we have received.  We love working in this community and we can provide 24 hour/ seven day a week emergency repair services in Orange County. If you require emergency services or a quote today, contact us! Our roofing company in Orange County can offer a wide range of roofing services and repairs. With our company, you can have access to highly efficient repairs and installations which are made to last. Our company is consistently growing our staff and the resources that we use. We use only the finest building materials and we are consistently looking for new ways that we can improve our business. Here are some of the top services that we have to offer as a roofing provider in Orange County: New roof installations: Our staff members can provide new roof installations on your commercial business or residential home. We offer a wide selection of roofing products and styles of roof that will suit the needs of your property. Our company has even worked with several elders in Orange County to provide all of their new roof installations.


Cool roof: We can install cool roof coatings and commercial roofs which are designed to reduce the costs for heating or cooling your home/property. Shingle/ tile replacement: we can deliver tile replacement and shingle replacement on a number of different configurations for your roof. Shingles and tiles need replacement every few decades and we can be the best source in Orange County, for replacement services. Insulation: We can install atticat insulation to improve your utility bills.  coatings: We provide coatings for decks as well as flat roof recoating to help you protect your surfaces from the weather.


Roof inspection: We can provide drone inspection and expert inspection on any type of roof or support system. Our professionals can arrive on site and identify various issues with your roof or help you catch small repairs that can be fixed to save you money on crucial repairs later on. Solar tube/skylight: We can provide installation for solar attic fans, skylight installations and solar tubes. Insurance claim work: We work closely with insurance companies in Orange County, to provide professional insurance claim repairs. Gutters: we can professionally install roof gutters and other roofing systems. Pressure wash: We can pressure wash surfaces around your home or commercial property.

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